ValuesInARTS is a program of Arts & Social Transformation:

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“Most of us need to see to be able to understand, or being awaken, to truths that will not “be grasped” without creativity”!



Whether you believe in the evolutionary process that took billions of years to get us where we are, or believing in a Intelligent Personality that created human beings, the eternal observable truth that prevails, to be an absolute truth, is that;

All human beings are rational and creative animals…

Evolution is a fact when one examines the human evolution in relations to its progress in the areas of technology, habitation, transport, clothing, and our progressive ability to communicate with other humans in various languages and mechanisms.

Artistic Creativity is, without a doubt, inherent to every human being, even if not everyone tries to develop it.

It is also increasingly evident that the communication, of key information and truths, in creative ways through arts facilitates and it is greatly more effective for the understanding and remembering of such information than when it is only informed through oral means and written means.

It is with such observable conviction that VALUESinARTS was created and for young artists, primarily but not exclusively, living in risk areas and from low-income, so they can create arts collectively to communicate non-negotiable values to inform and illuminate issues such as; racism, no to drugs, the power of education etc… And to also bring forth to the world key information within the context of their culture such as: How to eliminate the consequences of the Fetus Alcohol Syndrome? Why we must deal with the ecological issue? Etc.

Wainer Guimarães (Director)

Vivamus vel sapien

In Brazil the majority of doctors do not know what is FAS.

Do You Know What is FAS?dunt

Let us creatively find ways to combat such

inhuman beast.

Why Racism is still ALIVE?

Arts in Service of Values!

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